Down to the studs


The first stage:

Our weekend was spent stripping the flooring and walls out. To our delight, we found insulation in the roof, saving us a significant amount of time and effort as we can leave the roof in tack.

20 year old bus meant we had a bit of fun with an angle grinder, to remove the seats. The floor required some persuasion with a circular saw and a crowbar to remove the forty screws and glue which held the floor in place. The walls, which were riveted in were a little easier to remove. We decided to leave the heater in the floor to give us some heat in the cooler months.

There was minimal corrosion on the floor but still a few spots which needed some attention. We ground the corrosion away and filled the holes with epoxy, sealed the edges in order to get the floor ready for the rigid insulation and plywood sub-floor which is the next stage.

In total it took about 8 hours to get the blank floor ready.


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